Seams and Stresses

TV416: Ballgown Bodice – A Vision in Blue

I've done a bit more work on the Ballgown bodice. Initially I was going to use the puple fabric from my stash and make an Ada Lovelace dress, however, I decided instead to use the blues (as I had some... Continue Reading →


TV416: 1870s ballgown bodice

I've been a bit quiet the last few weeks as I'm working on lots of little projects for different things, however I managed to get the toile done for my Truly Victorian Ballgown Bodice. The bodice looks a bit frumpy... Continue Reading →

Bloomin’ Bloomers

The corset is still awaiting some lace and the bias binding is still to be done, but in the meantime I've at least sewn a new pair of bloomers and chemise, once again from the LM#100 pattern, and once again... Continue Reading →

TV303: Autumn-punk

Alongside the autumn corset (which is almost finished) I've been working on an overskirt to go with it. I've done a Truly Victorian Pattern before - the Polonaise, which came out absolutely fantastically. I really liked the quality of the... Continue Reading →

The Autumn Corset

I've been sewing again. Over the past few months, I've managed to lose a stone (mostly by working on my allotment, as previously mentioned) As a result I've lost TWO WHOLE INCHES from my waist. Fantastic! - Except now my... Continue Reading →

Slow progress

Things have been a bit quiet on the sewing front recently. Sure- I've done a couple of things, but nothing particularly interesting. I've repaired lots of bits and bobs, with quick fixes applied to Simplicity 2172: one of the first steampunk... Continue Reading →


I spent the whole of the weekend at the Asylum festival in Lincoln, which was incredibly fun. There were a lot of people in absolutely exquisite outfits! I actually did not take a single photograph myself as I was rather... Continue Reading →

Sew little time, sew much to do

Last week I visited some of my friends in Sweden. It was glorious! I even swam in a lake for the first time ever! One of my friends was making a beautiful hand-embroidered, medieval-style mobile phone bag, using the most... Continue Reading →

Wise old owls (McCalls M6713)

"There was a wise old owl Who lived in an oak The more he heard The less he spoke The less he spoke The more he heard Why aren't you like that wise old bird?" I've been gone for quite... Continue Reading →


I'm still alive! I promise! The last few weeks have been busy with working on some assignments for my Masters' project, and a little bit of baking (not loads, but enough!) My partner has also taken over my sewing table... Continue Reading →

White Ruffled Petticoats

When I was about 17 I came across a company called Gibbous. Gibbous makes really pretty dresses, using scraps of old materials to create something that is more made of scraps than it is anything else. Their style is beautiful,... Continue Reading →

Experimental Sewing

I've been learning to use Alice over the last week or so, including playing with some of the new feet I bought for her. I've only played with a couple so far - the rest I will need to play... Continue Reading →

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