Seams and Stresses

Pattern Drafting: WIP

With my friend's wedding dress finished, I'm back to working on my self-drafted pattern, which will be debuting at Asylum this year. Unfortunately, this means I won't be adding many ( if any) photos of this outfit before it's finished,... Continue Reading →


Simplicity 8292 Summer Dress

Aaaand that's the summer dress done! This fabric was some of the soft viscose fabric I bought in London on my first fabric-buying expedition. It's got a lovely feel to it, and I think it looks quite nice too. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Over(locked) and out

I know, it's been a while - sorry about that. Most of my sew-jo over the last few months has been poured into making a friend's wedding dress ready for her wedding in August. Now that I've handed it over... Continue Reading →

A little something for the Allotment

A hefty chunk of the easter holidays have been spent on my allotment. This is great because the weather has been brilliant. Yesterday I managed to buy myself some new boots to wear down on the plot, and due to... Continue Reading →


World Book Day version two was a very successful day last friday (apologies for lack of mentioning it!) and my dress was VERY popular (though I didn't manage to get any good photos as E was away and I'm verry... Continue Reading →

Fabric Shopping

On Saturday I went fabric shopping in London once again. This time, part of the reason for the shopping visit was to purchase fabric for my friend's wedding dress, which made it *totally fine* to buy other material at the... Continue Reading →

Pattern Drafting – toile number two!

You may have seen some of my more recent posts about my attempts at drafting a pattern using software rather than a paper pattern. This post is a continuation on a theme. After making the first toile of my pattern,... Continue Reading →

Sewing machine woes (and quick fixes)

In my last post i mentioned that I have been having a few issues with the sewing machine making a scary knocking sound - something which tends to happen every so often and usually is the motivating factor in my... Continue Reading →

Pattern Drafting (again)

Over the past few weeks I've been working on learning how to draft parametrically denied patterns using computer software. This has been going quite well, and so, this weekend I decided to put my money where my mouth is and... Continue Reading →

The Snow Queen Headdress (?)

I've been very envious for a while of the amazing fake flower headdresses I've seen people within the Steampunk community wearing to the balls and special occasions. Unfortunately, at present my lack of funds means I can't really justify buying... Continue Reading →


There has been a lot of nattering recently in Facebook groups I frequent about Lidl's cheap singer overlockers which once again became available this week. I've been considering an overlocker for a while now and decided to bite the bullet... Continue Reading →

Sixties madness

For Christmas, my partner's mum bought me a subscription to Sew Magazine. So far I've had two copies, and whilst there are some things that aren't so useful with the magazine, it does have the odd good free pattern now... Continue Reading →

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