One of my first ever patterns was Simplicity 2172. It was the first pattern I ever purchased for myself (free Burda patterns don’t count) and actually I was really pleased with the result. Sure – the lining was a little squiffy and I *completely* messed up the front ( I gave up trying to sort out buttonholes and just started using  metal popper fasteners instead) but it looked ok for a first try and considering that I had to cut the fabric really quickly whilst bribing my then-housemate to let me use his floor as a cutting table (my room was the smallest) It was a success!

The outfit was in fact a main staple of my steampunk wardrobe for years, until I outgrew it a little. Such is life!

Pattern-wise, it was a very easy one to follow: the shoulders were a little confusing and I remember screwing up the sleeves a little, but it was a very good pattern to use. I made my own collar as I didn’t really like the collars in the actual pattern, and I added little metal butterflies onto it as the character I had created in an RP game was in fact the sponsor of an airship by the name of the Papillion, and I was supposed to be acting as that character for the purposes of our visit to MCM Expo that year.