At the moment I’m in the middle of a bit of a sewing spree. After New Year I was having a bit of a look around on the internet and I came across a sari website which happened to be selling some George fabric on sale for something like £15 per piece. Not bad, I thought, so I ordered it.

Now for the uninitiated, George fabric is that pretty fabric that some African wrapper dresses are  made out of – most specifically Nigerian ones. There’s a load of history to it, but effectively, the fabric originated in India where it was used to make saris (hence why I found the fabric on a Sari site), but it became popular for noble families in africa, and the Ljaw people are still renowned for their fantastic George wrappers today. I’ve tried to find more information and go into more depth on this, but so far I’ve only found limited information.

Anyhow, the fabric arrived a couple of days later. I take it out of the box and discover that it’s actually about eight metres long.

EIGHT metres?! It only cost me £15! This is emerald coloured taffeta as well, with some amazing embroidery covering it. It was beautiful!

Anyhow, having bought the stuff, I needed to work out what to make. I already had an idea in my mind’s eye of what I wanted, and set off across the internet to look for a pattern that would do the idea justice. Bingo: Truly Victorian’s 1873 Polonaise: exactly what I wanted!

So I fell in love with the pattern, then quickly realised that in order to make it look right, I would need the whole range of underthings to go with it. Cue more pattern purchasing and net wrangling.

I haven’t yet started on the polonaise, but I’m most of the way through the undergarments. I’m going to finish the bustle cage off tomorrow hopefully, which will be exciting!