I have a very strange relationship with petticoats. I love the idea, but generally the thought of adding a billion ruffles has always left me with a bit of trepidation. Turns out they’re actually not hard at all: it’s mostly just sewing straight lines everywhere.

I went on a wander in town a week or two ago and found myself in one of the local charity shops. There I went for a rummage through one of the bins of random stuff and came across a single duvet cover, originally from John Lewis, with some lovely lace-like patterns on the front, for £2.

I also found a king size yellow Dorma duvet cover for the same price. Claimed them both immediately then took them home to work on turning them into something even better.

Yep. That’s right: that petticoat is a John Lewis Duvet Cover. 100% egyptian cotton, and it’s so very comfortable! It’ll look even better over the bustle (which isn’t finished yet. I know I should have waited to finish the bustle before I made the petticoat, but I had to wait to order the bones and that’s never fun!) I actually cheated a bit and sewed the button-up bit from the bottom of the duvet cover down the side of this petticoat (anything to avoid making buttonholes). It has made it easier to do the whole thing up and means that I can undo the bottom few buttons if I need more leg room for dancing, running from zombies, that sort of thing.

Patternwise, I copied the instructions and details for this from Izabela’s blog; she runs Prior Attire and is incredibly talented!

I’m planning on making several more of these as most of my outfits could do with petticoats underneath them to help support them properly. I also am considering making a much shorter petticoat with ruffles that I can use with some new steampunk skirts I’m considering making: These skirts would be about knee-length so that they’ll be easier to wear when I’m working at events like Gothcon. I reckon I’ll end up tea staining the petticoats as I’d imagine they shall be visible. Hmm…

What am I doing with the yellow Dorma Duvet cover, you ask? Part of it was requisitioned to make the LM#100 drawers, some of it is being used for the bustle (as the bustle itself is going to be a really plain one completely for functional use) and the rest will be used for toiles.