Another recently made pair of items here.

If you hadn’t seen the overabundance of undergarments in progress at the minute, I’ve been working on my preparation for the Truly Victorian Polonaise, This particular post is here to cover the base layer: Chemise and Bloomers. I’ll talk about the Corset in a separate post (It’s almost done actually. I’ll keep you in suspense still though!)

Anyhow. LM#100 is a fantastic pattern. There’s so much to do from it, and it has to be one of the easiest patterns I’ve ever attempted to follow. I made the bloomers and the chemise all in one day.

The Bloomers

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of fabric in bloomers, I must admit I was never expecting the pattern piece for each leg to be so large. Nevertheless, it is: the whole thing is made up of 3 pieces of fabric: the two legs and a waistband.

Fun fact for you: Bloomers are open in the middle for the most part. That’s so that nice Victorian ladies could use the facilities without having to strip down to their chemise to do so ( the waistband on this goes below your corset remember). It’s done up at the back with some ribbon.

I was also quite proud of the pintucks on the bottom of the legs. I’ve not done them much before and it’s the first time I managed them without ironing my fingers!

These bloomers are INCREDIBLY comfortable to wear. I’m thinking of making some closed ones as pyjama bottoms – that’s how nice they are!


I made the chemise on the same day as the bloomers, and you can kind of tell in a few places. It wasn’t hard to make, but I definitely cut a few corners, so the bit where the yoke is attached went squiffy. I’ll make it again one day, but for the most part no one will get to see it. Except for on this blog. d’oh!

I took the photos then realised it could do with a hefty amount of ironing: My dress form has been wearing a corset and petticoat over the top for a week or so which caused all the wrinkles. Sorry!

Anyhow, this was supposed to have pinstripes like the bloomers, but I got bored, so they never happened. I did however, trim the neckline with some antique lace that I inherited a few years ago.

the most difficult part of making this was attaching the yoke properly, though I think that was because I was very, very tired by that point. Next time I make it, I’ll take more photos – I promise!