All has been a little on the quiet side the last few days in the sewing department. I’ve slowly been finishing off the bias binding on the corset. I’ve also been busy sorting out my measurements and cutting paper templates for my upcoming TV410 outfit, so my sewing machine has been resting in the spare room under her dust cover.

As a result, I guess it’s the perfect opportunity to take a quick peek at some of my older makes. When doing this I took a quick look at the patterns in my library, and discovered that by far my main pattern company is Simplicity however, I’ve made a few items by other companies as well.

New Look 6183

This one is 6183a staple of my wardrobe. I’ve made it at least 3 times since 2014 and it’s regularly part of my day-to-day wear in the form of option c. Unfortunately, this pattern is no longer generally available,  which is a real shame. I actually received it for only £2.95 due to a sale a while back. It looks great and it’s really comfortable, and it takes hardly 2015-08-13-19-28-17any time to sew. I really don’t like having seams around my waist as they tend to ride really high, and I’ve only just perfected the art of altering to account
for bust properly, and this pattern is great for that: The ruching at the front and the lack of waist seam-age means that it has never been an issue.

I’m looking forward to making this dress again in yet another fabric in the relatively near future ( my normal wardrobe is in need of a few new pieces)

New Look 6299

magenta-2016So this one I purchased to make an outfit for when I went to see Rocky Horror in Oxford in December. I’ve only made it once, but I was quite happy with it. The version I made didnt really correlate with *any* of the views: I effectively made view B with the sleeves from view D. It worked relatively well, though during the time warp my sleeve came undone at the back, but that was mostly due to the fact that my sewing machine was out of action at the time and I had to put the whole thing together by hand in rather a rush. As a result, this dress is still sat in my project box, awaiting a time when I have the desire to actually fix it properly so that it can be worn again. It’s a little short really to wear for work, but it’d probably be ok over some leggings. The collar was fun to make and is fully starched, though I reckon next time I make it i’ll use a slightly thicker fabric.

New Look 6224

img-20150208-wa0002-2This was one of my earlier pattern-based makes (late 2014?), and it showed. Another that’s now out of print, 6224 wasn’t exactly my worst make ever, but it never looked *right*. I think it may have been due to that waistline and a lack of understanding of bust adjustments. I vaguely remember also having a lot of trouble with the collar, which absolutely refused to sit properly. I also discovered in the making of it that I needed to lengthen the bodice, but again, that may have been due to lack of bust adjustment. . I don’t think I ever wore this out even as I really wasn’t impressed with it. It was a shame as I absolutely loved this fabric, and I haven’t had any more of it since! I’m willing to give it another try now that I have the dress form and a bit more experience with putting things together. Again, though, It only cost me £2.95 so I suppose I can’t complain too much. I’ve spent more on worse patterns!

This actually covers every New Look pattern in my pattern library at present ( Jan 2017). In terms of their instructions, they’re quite clear and easy to understand and the sizing is generally not bad either. This isn’t surprising as they’re essentially the same people who make simplicity, and I like simplicity patterns.

Perhaps I’ll revisit some of these patterns and see what I can do with them now that I’ve had a bit more experience with fitting things properly. I definitely need more work dresses!