The last few days have been very busy, so very little in the way of sewing happened, though on Wednesday I had a brainwave.

After trying on the mock-up on Wednesday night it became evident that the mock-up was an outfit waiting to happen on its own: sure – not really a Steampunky one, but it’d make a decent variation on a Belle from Beauty and the Beast outfit, and with World Book Day coming up next month in the UK (newsflash: we do our World Book Day on a different day to the rest of the world) and the upcoming film, it felt like it might actually be a great opportunity to make a relatively low-cost outfit out of something I’d otherwise throw away.
2017-02-02-16-45-52Anyhow, I had a bit of a brainwave. Among the fabrics I inherited from my older family members were a couple of pieces of super-glittery christmas fabric. When I say super-glittery, I mean super glittery: this stuff is more glitter than voile, and even opening the packet means that our flat became more glitter than floor. oops.

This evening I had the opportunity to get to work on the outfit. I started by putting together the sleeves, which are looking ok: I’ve worked out how to do the sleeve pleats (they’re hideously untidy on this particular creation but they’re done) and I sewed on all of the facings I had neglected to do the first time around. I then had a fiddle with a few bits of lace and ribbon, and worked out what I want for the trimmings, so I’ll send off an order for those tomorrow. To be fair, not including the cost of the pattern or the foundation garments ( which will be worn for so many onther things) this outfit is currently costing me £2.70 in thread and fabric, so I think I can afford to splurge on a few trimmings for it)

After I had done this, I got a bit antsy, and decided to have a crack at making the skirt and the bustle panel out of the glittery voile. Long story short, I’ve now got a voile skirt to go over the petticoat, a bustle panel (more or less – it needs to be basted onto some tape and sewn into the back of the polonaise once the polonaise has been hemmed) ,  and an entirely gold-glittered floor. I’ve swept the floor of the whole place quite a bit and there’s still an entire snowglobe’s worth of glitter, so we’ll need to hoover tomorrow. Several times. Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting, but clearly I haven’t touched glitter in a while.

I think I may decide to grab a piece of the lemony fabric from the scraps on the floor and pull together a main bustle panel to go underneath this one, just to make the colour a little more even, but I haven’t yet decided.

I also found one of my hair clips from Claires accesories. It’s been co-opted for the top of the polonaise. Furthermore, one of my old lacy tops (a staple of my steampunk wardrobe) worn under the polonaise makes up for the fact I haven’t lined the sleeves. Huzzah for lacy sleevages!

Jobs still to do: Sew in the sleeves, hem everything, sew in the trimmings, attach the bustle with ribbons and tape, hoover, add fastenings, put in the plastic bones, style my wig.

The photos, should you wish to see (once again, I apologise for the hang: it was only put on quickly):