Just a very quick post containing the outfit with the trims attached. It doesn’t look that inspiring on the dress form, but that’s partly because the front fastenings aren’t done yet – oops! I’ll try to get that done tonight or tomorrow.

The trims really do improve the look of this outfit: it’s still not looking perfect, but it was never meant to: this mockup only really needs to deal with one occasion at work, before I’ll most likely scavenge it for parts.The lace and ribbon was only put on very quickly, and I was actually a little short on lace ( I think I only got 8 metres rather than 10 – oops). I need to do a bit of work on my corners – does anyone have any advice for sewing on ribbon to go around corners actually?

Still to do on the mockup: Sew in rigeline bones along dart lines, put on hook and eye fastenings ( and velcro for good measure), Hand sew the bustle of glitter together and then attach to the twill tape inside.