After that slight diversion from the original Polonaise with the Mockup (which became my new outfit for World Book Day), it’s back to the actual dress.

2017-02-15-18-14-50Now, the fabric I’m using is a taffeta-type fabric. It’s really nice but it’s quite slippy, and I’ve been having nightmares about all of the embroidery on it. Turns out when it came to cutting I needn’t have worried too much: it’s a very easy thing to cut and it didn’t slip too much in the process (though I deliberately made the pieces slightly larger than they should be – more on that in a second). I also made the neckline a little higher on this one – it was far too low on the mockup!
I also spent last night drawing out and cutting out the linings for the dress. I’m using a plain green cotton that I bought a few years ago to make a Merida dress. The original dress turned out – well – a bit boring, so I’ve not really done much with it since, but there was plenty of offcut to use to put together a decent lining for the polonaise – and it looks alright too!

Finishing the flat lining on B

The instructions say to flat line most of the outfit. This isn’t something I’ve ever really done before but actually it’s really quite fun. I cut the lining to the same size as the pattern. This means that I’ve got a little fray room on the pretty fabric for safety, and it made it easier to flat line really close to the edge of the lining. I’ll trim the slight excess later.

For the flat lining I’ve used a zigzag stitch very

See what i mean about fraying?

close to the edge just to hold it nicely. On the bottom edges of the sleeves I’ve hemmed the
lining and left it open – usually I wouldn’t but seeing as the sleeves have such a prominent design on them it would look wrong to sew it up – it’d show on the front of the fabric! The added benefit of the flat-lining is that this means that the fabric won’t fray away whilst I’m working with it as easily. Once cut, this stuff just seems to want to shred, so I’m pretty glad that the lining is there already.

Anyhow – the cutting and the flatlining is now complete. Next job will be putting together the rest of it!

Nothing actually happening in this photo – but it looks AWESOME!