I made this a few years ago now, and I think it was one of the first non-simplicity patterns I made. This was back in 2015, right in the middle of my ‘year-from-hell’. I did a lot of sewing in that period, but most of it hasn’t turned out brilliantly!

The original idea for this dress was that it would be a base for a cosplay of Merida from Brave. I actually have a wig which I bought for the purpose, and I was going to put together a silly bow and some fake arrows. Yeah – that never happened. As much as I wish I suited red hair, I really really don’t. It just looks wrong! And I’m not too keen on this particular dress either in terms of how it actually looks on me. Ho hum.

medieval-dressA confession: I’ve never actually made any use of this dress whatsoever.It wasn’t a failure per se, but something wasn’t ever quite right about it. I *think* it’s the fabric, but I’m not certain. Hmm.

On the photo here it looks like the arm is on backwards. I don’t think it actually is – It’s just the angle I was holding my arm at!

The pattern actually consists of 3 parts and I made all of timg-20150131-wa0009hem: The green dress accounts for one piece (seen to the left), however there is an underskirt, which I made using an old sheet donated by a friend ( he had turned it pink.). The underskirt is a beautiful shape, and I keep wishing I had cause to use it. I don’t really wear pink at all, though perhaps I can find an excuse to use the pink underskirt with a remade version of this dress. Hmm.

The belt piece was made but never used – it didn’t sit right, so I just made it and then put it awa with the dress.

Pattern-wise, I’ve found that Butterick Patterns run slightly larger than the other patterns. Theoretically they shouldn’t, but in practice I’m simply not the same size for their patterns as for other ones.The trouble is, I always forget this, so every single butterick make i have ever done feels baggy and shapeless. Yes: I could go through and tighten them all up to make them fit properly, but I really don’t enjoy repairs or alterations, so generally, the result is that anything I’ve made that needs altering ends up sat in a plastic box under my bed.

Secondly, I always find Butterick pattern instructions harder to understand than other companies (not as bad as Burda but not too far off). I’m not sure whether they actually *are* that much more complicated, but they always *feel* more complex.

I think if I ever make this dress again I’ll change the sizing and do a Full Bust Adjustment on it. I’m guessing that that would help with the weird shaping. I think it might also benefit from some sort of stay underneath the dress to give it a better shape. Unfortunately, I really don’t *do* medieval-ish costume very often, so it’s unlikely I’ll bother.