And the Polonaise is finished! Huzzah!

There will be a later blog with photos of it being worn, but for now you’ll need to be content with photos of Matilda the Mannequin wearing it.

Anyhow,  with the exception of a few select people, I haven’t really shown the final version of the dress whilst it was being made. It was actually a lot of fun and I managed to do the best part of it over half term. I came to the conclusion that trimmings would look a bit superflous on this dress: anything too gold looks tacky and anything white looks weird. Anything black looks strange too, so I’ve just left it alone for now. I might add a trim of some sort around the neckline later, but for the most part, I don’t think I’ll really add anything to it for now unless the right trim comes along.

Now, as far as reviewing the pattern goes: This is the first Truly Victorian pattern I have made, and my goodness, I  LIKE it. The pattern uses a victorian tailoring technique rather than modern sizings, and it genuinely *is* better than the normal modern way of doing things. It also gives you a decent amount of information on how to do various alterations, and the range of sizes is really good. It was pretty easy to follow with the exception of the information about the closings at the end, which took several attempts before I worked it out, and it actually is far more simple than some other makes I’ve done, but it still comes out beautifully. I think if I made it again I’d do the front facing a little differently, as it doesnt want to stay in place, but overall I found this pattern pretty decent. I learnt how to flatline properly, and the darts came out really well. Still might need more practice on doing the closings as they never end up quite how I intend them, but never mind, I’ll get there. I really should have finished off the seams nicely on the inside however, I think I need new pinking shears.

I’m definitely going to make this polonaise again. My favourite two parts are the pleats at the sides, which somehow just do exactly what I want; and the back, which just really makes me happy. the whole thing was deceptively simple, though I’m sure that there are alterations I probably should have/ could have done which would have made it look even better. I think my next version may have to be a day dress version for wear at conventions etc and that can easily be washed.

Anyhow, without any further ado,  I present to you the photos!

Bonus feature: The making of this dress!

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