After the polonaise(s) finally were complete last week, I’ve been a bit lax on the sewing. For the most part, the sewing machine has been silent whilst I’ve worked on getting my computer working properly (spoiler: it hates me, and it hates dropbox even moreso!)

I did, however, have a long look through my fabric stash, and discovered a whole host of pieces of fabric I had totally forgotten were in there! Unfortunately, seeing as my computer is currently having a temper tantrum, there are, alas, no photos. Highlights though include the pale yellow lace from my mother’s bridesmaid dresses (in the 70s), a few remnants of WW2 parachute silk, and a few pieces which would work really well as a contrast on a nice new costume.

I also had a wander around the fabric shop as well as the charity shop. In the charity shop I picked up a king size grey sheet ( which I promptly used half of to create a really *really* basic underskirt. Hey – worst comes to worst I’ll take it to work to use as a dress-up costume piece for the teachers) In the fabric shop I continued my current habit of buying lace when I want chocolate.

What? you may ask? well: our local fabric shop sells bundles of lace for 60p. 60p is less than a bar of chocolate (ish) but lace is pretty, hence I’m saving money (?) and buying pretty stuff. It makes sense in my head anyway!

The next couple of weeks are looking pretty busy, so there might not be much time for sewing, however, hopefully I’ll soon get a few more bits made before easter. Ideally, I need a decent skirt to go under the green polonaise. Trouble is, NOTHING looks right. I’m serious: I’ve tried so many different fabrics, I even bought some pale-gold fabric to put under it – nope, looks awful.

Plain black? too dark,
Green cotton? too blue.
Green sari offcut?: too lime
Green lining fabric: too costumey
Green chinese dragons: too fussy
I’m running out of ideas for what to use underneath! Help!