I’ve been a bit quiet recently. Sorry about that – I’ve been trying to catch up on an essay and had a few very busy weeks at work.

This weekend, however, I decided to have a bit of a play, though at making something a bit more everyday than some of my recent makes!

1080_env_front_3I picked up Simplicity 1080 sometime last year in a haul of simplicity dresses that I purchased during a sale. At first look it’s a very, very simple dress, though the difficulty is actually in making it look good!

First off, I decided to make the main picture version, so 3 different fabrics. Easy enough, you may think. HOWEVER, I also wanted to use it to de-stash a little, as my stash is outgrowing its space.

I opted for a greyish pattern and my favorite maroon polka-dots, 2017-03-13 22.02.04with a plain maroonish red for the pockets. I don’t normally mix and match patterns, so it looks different from what I usually wear, however, I quite like the mix still. I love the grey print – it’s actually covered in corsets and sewing things and it’s one of my favourite pieces from the stash ( any there’s still a lot left!). I love the maroon too. Not necessarily sure the combination is perfect, but I think it’s the sort of thing I wear.

In terms of the fit, I made it to the usual size, however, it’s too big. This dress is *meant* to be big of course, but it’s big in the wrong places. As I always have problems with the straps, I decided to move them down on the pattern to the waist to avoid them ending up around my bust (didn’t attempt an FBA this time. oops) However, as a result, it just looks baggy and unshapely in places. I’m thinking of putting in alittle more shaping at the front just to give it a bit more definition around the bust, but that will need to wait until tomorrow.

I’m quite proud of the pockets I must say. I enjoyed making those and trimming them with bias binding. I’m also quite happy with the inside of this make: on almost every seam it comes with strict instructions to bind them in bias binding, so the inside looks gorgeous! almost every seam is covered in the stuff (though I must admit I used two colours of binding and I STILL ran out. Need to buy more!)

Overall, as it is, I’m happy to wear it at home. My partner liked it, and it’s REALLY comfy, but some adjustment needed still to make it look good on me. It was fun to make something that looked quite simple but that required the nice tidy inside to be done properly, and it is perfect as a dress for doing housework or lounging around. The pattern was easy to follow and it was also easy to make. I think I might make the tunic version next (though adjusted.)