P1000357Retroarchaeology: the art of putting things in the ground for future archaologists to find.

This dress was based primarily on a concept which I stole (borrowed actually) from the wonderful Dr Geof, who created the marvellous Retroarchaeologist’s patch which has adorned various pieces of my clothing for years. It’s from way back in 2013, almost at the start of my steampunk adventure.

It was also based on a dress that I bought back in 2007,from New Look, (referred to by my friends as the butterfly dress) Unfortunately it’s hard to find any photos of said dress.

Anyhow: I used the dress to make a pattern for another – the one in the picture.This was the first time I had ever done anything like this, so it was a bit of an education, though it was, in the end, relatively easy to put together and it looked pretty decent really. I’ve kept my pattern for it, and I think I probably would make another dress from the same pattern if I ever lost enough weight to fit into it again!

Overall as a make it went quite well, though I think if I were to make this particular one again I would have used a lighter fabric, as the thick cotton drill I used was overkill and a half, though it gave the right look I would laso have put some elastic at the top to hold it in place properly, as the dress tended to slip down. I would also add proper straps as well, as both this and the original were strapless dresses, and that sort of thing really doesn’t work for people with larger busts.