I did something slightly naughty yesterday.

I bought a new sewing machine. Or rather, a vintage one. And tomorrow, I can go and collect her (she’s a her – all sewing machines are!)

Anyhow, I had been discussing buying an old machine for quite a while, and she was living in the shop opposite ( I purchased her via ebay though, hence why I don’t yet have her), and she wasn’t expensive. She even comes with her original case, so my feeling is that I’ll take a good look and see what she’s like when I pick her up.


Age-wise, my research tells me she’s a vibrating shuttle machine, and probably about 125 years old. I’ve never had one of those before and I must admit I’m intrigued to see what she looks like inside. I expect I’m probably going to need to give her a really good clean-up and de-gunk, but beyond that it sounds like she should be in decent enough condition. Even if I don’t end up using her, she’s so beautiful that I would happily display her (if my partner lets me keep her!)

I’m excited though!

(I’ve also bid on a  Singer 201k machine from the 50s, which I’m expecting will probably become one of the machines I use regularly if I get it. It isn’t as pretty as this one imho, but it’s probably far more practical! Shhhh!)