2017-04-01 18.02.17I’ve been learning to use Alice over the last week or so, including playing with some of the new feet I bought for her. I’ve only played with a couple so far – the rest I will need to play with once the holidays begin (roll on friday!)

The first foot I tried out was the adjustable hemmer. From the picture you can see vaguely how that turned out – at least for the first bit. It looks WONDERFUL…. when it works. I think I need a bit more practice to make sure that the fabric ends up in the right place all the time – I’m too used to having two hands instead of just one to guide my fabric with.

In terms of other feet, I’ve also had a bit more of a play with both the original ruffler and the one I got in the box with the other new feet. The new ruffler doesnt really seem to fit at all, even though it really should. My nan’s old ruffler sometimes works, but it IS temperamental. I oiled it lightly and wiped the excess (becuase it was stiff and y’know – moving parts.) yeah – looks like that was a bad idea. It started slipping between the 1 ruffle every 5 and 1 ruffle every 1 settings. Oops. Having left it a few days after that it seems to have settled back down a bit more, but basically I really need to play lots with it. As a result I’m making a gibbous-style underskirt to wear with some of my shorter skirts. Currently this means I have lots and lots of ruffles made out of an old bedsheet. I’m also going to add in bits of lace and other pieces of similar-coloured fabric which I’m going to experiment with all my different feet on. It will either come out as a mess or as a pretty mess, but seeing as it’ll be an underskirt it isn’t too big a problem.

I also purchased myself a buttonholer (a black one) however, I haven’t had the time to play with it as it only arrived yesterday and I met up with my local steampunk group for a chat at the pub. I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to test it soon though, and I’ll post the results for all to see!