Seams and Stresses

New and Old: Bobbins

My bobbins arrived this morning. Shiny new ones! Yay! First task: fill at least one new bobbin with black thread so I could fix my partner's jeans. His hem had come undone on one side. Ay - there's the rub.... Continue Reading →


It lives!( the case of the mysterious ruffler)

Felt much better today, so most of the day was spent at work. On my return, however, I decided to have a bit of a play with the ruffler. A bit of a recap: two and a half years ago... Continue Reading →

Old and New: The Singer 28K

I've been curled up in a ball shivering most of the day as I'm not too well, but my partner was kind enough to go and collect my new sewing machine! Meet Alice: 125 years old, and still working wonderfully!... Continue Reading →

Old and New

I did something slightly naughty yesterday. I bought a new sewing machine. Or rather, a vintage one. And tomorrow, I can go and collect her (she's a her - all sewing machines are!) Anyhow, I had been discussing buying an... Continue Reading →

Past Projects: The Retro-archaeologist

Retroarchaeology: the art of putting things in the ground for future archaologists to find. This dress was based primarily on a concept which I stole (borrowed actually) from the wonderful Dr Geof, who created the marvellous Retroarchaeologist's patch which has... Continue Reading →

Past Makes: Mary Poppins? (Butterick B4954)

I made this set back in late 2014/early 2015, using a strange suedette fabric. I still have a lot of that fabric (the reason why will become clear later) Anyhow, this set consists of a skirt and a jacket, and looks... Continue Reading →

Simplicity 1080

I've been a bit quiet recently. Sorry about that - I've been trying to catch up on an essay and had a few very busy weeks at work. This weekend, however, I decided to have a bit of a play,... Continue Reading →

Sew not much is really happening right now in the seamstressing department…

After the polonaise(s) finally were complete last week, I've been a bit lax on the sewing. For the most part, the sewing machine has been silent whilst I've worked on getting my computer working properly (spoiler: it hates me, and... Continue Reading →

TV410: The Last Polonaise

And the Polonaise is finished! Huzzah! There will be a later blog with photos of it being worn, but for now you'll need to be content with photos of Matilda the Mannequin wearing it. Anyhow,  with the exception of a... Continue Reading →

Old Makes: Merida (Butterick B4827)

I made this a few years ago now, and I think it was one of the first non-simplicity patterns I made. This was back in 2015, right in the middle of my 'year-from-hell'. I did a lot of sewing in... Continue Reading →

TV410:The (real) Fabric Awakens

After that slight diversion from the original Polonaise with the Mockup (which became my new outfit for World Book Day), it's back to the actual dress. Now, the fabric I'm using is a taffeta-type fabric. It's really nice but it's... Continue Reading →

Old Makes: Cloak and …Dagger?

I've been a little busy this week to finish off the world book day outfit, so I thought it was time to put up another throw-back of some old makes! This is kind of a theme post rather than anything... Continue Reading →

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