Seams and Stresses

Fabric Shopping in London.

On Saturday I went fabric shopping with a few other members of the steamstress squadron. We started off in Southall where we visited an amazing shop where fabric started at £1 per metre, with the most expensive fabric £4 per... Continue Reading →


A year on the blog

I've pretty much had a month's break from sewing, and this blog is now over a year old. That's pretty cool really. I definitely feel that my sewing has improved this year as a result of it, and that this... Continue Reading →

Pattern Cataloguing

At the weekend I ordered a few new patterns in the sale at Jaycotts. This was great because the patterns were actually slightly cheaper than the Simplicity sale, and I actually found some of the patterns that werent in stock... Continue Reading →

Autumnpunk: LM100 and TV303

I actually wore this on the same day as my Blue Ballgown, but I've just been too busy to do any blogging in the meantime. I was incredibly pleased with how this came out: the overskirt and the corset look... Continue Reading →

The Ice Queen Dress (TV416 and Wash Overskirt)

I'm back from Steampunk New Year and WOW! it was such an amazing event. The party on New Year's Eve is definitely a contender for one of the best parties I have ever been to. The food was lovely, the... Continue Reading →

TV416: Ballgown Bodice and TV : Wash Overskirt

Both of these items are very close to completion now and I'm very excited! I still need to see the closures onto the bodice and attach the snowflakes but that's not going to take very long to do. I put... Continue Reading →

TV416: Ballgown Bodice – A Vision in Blue

I've done a bit more work on the Ballgown bodice. Initially I was going to use the puple fabric from my stash and make an Ada Lovelace dress, however, I decided instead to use the blues (as I had some... Continue Reading →

TV416: 1870s ballgown bodice

I've been a bit quiet the last few weeks as I'm working on lots of little projects for different things, however I managed to get the toile done for my Truly Victorian Ballgown Bodice. The bodice looks a bit frumpy... Continue Reading →

Bloomin’ Bloomers

The corset is still awaiting some lace and the bias binding is still to be done, but in the meantime I've at least sewn a new pair of bloomers and chemise, once again from the LM#100 pattern, and once again... Continue Reading →

TV303: Autumn-punk

Alongside the autumn corset (which is almost finished) I've been working on an overskirt to go with it. I've done a Truly Victorian Pattern before - the Polonaise, which came out absolutely fantastically. I really liked the quality of the... Continue Reading →

The Autumn Corset

I've been sewing again. Over the past few months, I've managed to lose a stone (mostly by working on my allotment, as previously mentioned) As a result I've lost TWO WHOLE INCHES from my waist. Fantastic! - Except now my... Continue Reading →

Slow progress

Things have been a bit quiet on the sewing front recently. Sure- I've done a couple of things, but nothing particularly interesting. I've repaired lots of bits and bobs, with quick fixes applied to Simplicity 2172: one of the first steampunk... Continue Reading →

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